The Jungle Gym.

We are home from Mexico! I was thrilled to walk into our creaky old house at 1am feeling a balance of appreciation for both the time away and a warm home to return to. While I am feeling quite inspired by our travels, my energy level is much lower than I hoped upon our return. […]

On Being Your Own Mentor.

    I was driving back to Kansas City after a short meeting in Lawrence today and was perplexed by a chemical imbalance-induced sense that was quite foreign to me. Something felt different. It didn’t feel bad, but it felt loud and overwhelming and ilicited a heavy response that buried me throughout the remainder of […]

New Layers.

While studying for the GRE last fall, my vocabulary coach of a podcast led me towards a rather disgusting sounding word: molt. Though not entirely uncommon in the English language, I suppose its lack of use on the regular has something to do with its unnecessary harshness. In my reduced definition, molt is most often used as […]