Back to School Style

It’s that time of year again! And this year is a special one for me. I am returning to school full-time as a graduate student and I am already hard at work preparing for my workload and responsibilities as a TA. It will be strange getting used to studying again on the weekends instead of […]

Vacation to Mexico

We decided a few months ago to schedule a trip to close out summer before the school year begins again. After lots and lots of research we decided on the beautiful El Dorado Royale resort on Mexico’s Riviera Maya coast. We thought the pictures of the pools and beaches looked so relaxing, which was a priority […]

Denim Shorts.

I haven’t bought a proper pair of denim shorts in years. I always felt weird about them, like they’re something you leave behind in high school when you quit your job at American Eagle. I dress pretty conservatively and have never felt particularly comfortable in clothing that is super short or suggestive. It’s just not my […]