Welcome spring! While I know it’s terrible, I find winter so difficult to appreciate after the holidays. And I really try! Thick socks are cozy! The fireplace (that needs to be burning all the time) is so charming! But really, I am just refreshing my weather app hoping to sight the first breach of 50 degrees in the forecast while also praying that the gas bill doesn’t break the bank. It must have developed after my move from Iowa to Kansas because I don’t remember dreading winter as much growing up. As an adult, though, sunshine, birds, and open windows speak far more to my soul than snow ever could. I am a sunshine kinda girl.

So here we are. New house, new city. New appreciation for the suburbs? Still developing. Yet, as far as suburban homes go, we found our perfect one. Homeownership bliss!


Since we moved in late fall after most of our yard had turned over for the year, we had limited knowledge of what types of plants existed on our property, let alone whether they were healthy or not. Every new day brings a new discovery. There is a crabapple tree in our backyard that is blooming beautiful, tiny purple and yellow buds. I am still waiting on some bushes alongside the fence, but am holding hope that they are lilacs. I convinced a certain loved one not to dig up the struggling hydrangea bushes in the front yard when we moved in this fall in hopes that I might be able to nurse them back to health. The little troopers are budding bright green at their bases, and I am thrilled.

fenceBed construction

I know how cliche it is, but spring always provides me so much encouragement. Encouragement to embrace what cultivates joy and gently let go of guilt and that which casts doubt or negativity. Going back to school has provided a sense of spring all year. I’ve noticed how much easier it is to laugh at, instead of dwelling on, my own shortcomings and forcefully pursue the unfamiliar instead. School, like spring, is an invitation to lean in to something new and truly believe in capabilities we have yet to demonstrate.

One of our current projects is the construction of beautiful raised beds that will house our first vegetable garden. In between construction, our breaks have consisted of watching our beloved Jayhawks in the NCAA tournament. While it’s a different kind of blessing than the arrival of spring, having a team that is reliably in the tournament every year is pretty sweet blessing. There is another game tonight, and I am already my standard mix of excited and anxious. I love how KU has become such an engrained rhythm in our lives between school and basketball. It’s truly a special place.

Jayhawk Mantle

sunsetSee, the sunset is even beautiful in the suburbs! 🙂 Go outside. And rock chalk!

See you soon.

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