Back to School Style

It’s that time of year again! And this year is a special one for me. I am returning to school full-time as a graduate student and I am already hard at work preparing for my workload and responsibilities as a TA. It will be strange getting used to studying again on the weekends instead of attending marching band competitions and pep band responsibilities, but I am really looking forward to the change of pace!

When it comes to work and school clothing, I definitely gravitate towards timeless, classic style. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are things I’ve had since my undergrad days, or even things of my grandmothers that she gave to me in high school. Quality pieces should last for years, and are often worth the extra penny.

Above are tried and true styles that I have carried with me throughout the years. If I don’t own the identical piece, I own something similar from a prior year. And nobody says you have to buy quality items straight from the vendors. I have found terrific pieces at thrift stores that look practically new – Brooks Brothers button downs and Ralph Lauren Collection boots – that are examples of quality pieces I would never allow myself to buy at full price.

Also. School starting means FALL is just around the corner! My AC is begging for a break, and I’m ready for some football and cider.

back to school collage



See you soon.

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