Vacation to Mexico


We decided a few months ago to schedule a trip to close out summer before the school year begins again. After lots and lots of research we decided on the beautiful El Dorado Royale resort on Mexico’s Riviera Maya coast. We thought the pictures of the pools and beaches looked so relaxing, which was a priority for this particular trip. I’ve actually never been to Mexico before, so I’m looking forward to experiencing something new. In addition to the resort, there are options to go on day trips to see ruins in Tulum, as well boating and snorkeling options on the water. I’m so excited to go!

Below are a few items I plan on packing for our trip. I haven’t done much in preparation, which I’m sure will catch up to me soon. I would love recommendations for the Riviera Maya area if you have any!

  1. Writings from The Paris Review
  2. Magic
  3. What She Knew
  4. Levi Cutoffs
  5. BP Boater Hat
  6. Gingham High Waist Swimsuit
  7. My favorite sunscreen
  8. Gold Sandals
  9. Wayfarers
  10. Gold Hoops
  11. Insulated Water Bottle
  12. Orange/Red Lipstick
  13. Bright Orange Earrings
  14. Also. While certainly not glamorous, lots and lots of Deep Woods bug repellent.


See you soon.

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