Denim Shorts.

I haven’t bought a proper pair of denim shorts in years. I always felt weird about them, like they’re something you leave behind in high school when you quit your job at American Eagle. I dress pretty conservatively and have never felt particularly comfortable in clothing that is super short or suggestive. It’s just not my style. But how do you draw the line between casual clothes that allow you to embrace your youth and health without compromising your stylistic voice?

And then spring came and Madewell changed everything (insert Hallelujah chorus here.). The jean short is back and it doesn’t have to be provocative! There are some beautiful options now. Options for real women too. Because not all 26 year olds are blessed enough to look like T-Swift, as fabulous as we all think she is. Real life isn’t a day at Coachella, so let’s talk about clothes we can wear day-to-day in the midwest.

Below are a few favorites of mine that you can get right now.



This Madewell pair is my favorite so far because of the frayed hem and slightly longer length.


I’m usually not a fan of cuffed shorts, but these Esprit Chambray Boyfriend Denim Shorts from Asos might change my mind.


I love the feminine touches of these Zara Frilled Denim Shorts. BONUS: they’re now on sale!



These Topshop Raw Hem Mom Shorts have the perfect worn-in look. I also love a good high waist. They are a little shorter, but seem very flattering for a day spent outside.


And J.Crew White Denim because J.Crew is killing it again. Might as well get that stripe on stripe combo while you’re at it because admit it – add some Breton stripes and it’s all over.

I’m always up for recommendations, too! So if you have some, send them my way.

See you soon.

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