This past Saturday we met up with friends in the West Bottoms to attend Boulevardia. I attended last year and had so much fun that I practically demanded Zach and I go this year.   Boulevardia is a music festival, but also features local craftsman and food vendors. If you pay in advance, tickets are only $15 for the day, which is crazy considering some of the talent the festival brings in each year. And since it is sponsored by The Boulevard Brewing Company, there are plenty of good drinks everywhere.

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The West Bottoms is a cool part of KC that is developing in a unique way. The area is largely industrial, littered with old factories surrounded by stockyards and former meatpacking plants. The buildings have most recently been used as mega haunted houses during the fall months, and the first floors are vintage revival furniture stores that are open during First Friday weekends.

Since Bouelvardia started a few years ago, the area has become more popular, bringing attention to gems of restaurants and bars hidden in the neighborhoods.

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We waited until between main stage concerts to grab dinner, which was the worst idea because of the crazy lines. We stepped in line for the Plantain District because of a a sign advertising banh mi sandwiches. A friendly couple in line raved about the food and recommended the plantain chips. We got two of the last banh mi orders after standing in line for about 45 minutes, but tons of people ordered the Cuban sandwich and it looked great. The food was delicious! I would definitely hit up this truck again.


We stayed through the final concert to see Nate Ruess, the lead singer of Fun. He was excellent! He had a cool mix of his popular songs along with a few I hadn’t heard before. His encore was the best: a cover of Rocket Man and Some Nights.

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How cool does the ferris wheel look all lit up during the evening concerts?! It was such a fun day. We already have decided we’re heading back next year, and I want to check out the Taps and Tastes event when we go.

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See you soon.

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