Game of Thrones Draft

*There are totally spoilers in this post*


Do you watch Game of Thrones? We have it on our Sunday schedules and take a very seriously.


In anticipation of the final two episodes (you know, the ones where wildfire, certain weddings happen and every lovable character is killed off), Zach came home one day excited to start a competitive game between the two of us. He found it online and it’s called Game of Death. Our version looks like this:


ignore all spelling errors and the dramatic DEATH at the top of the page

It works similar to a Fantasy Football draft, but I actually did research this time. You rotate picks and collect team of people you think are at risk of falling in the final two episodes (um, EVERYONE is at risk..). The person with the least number of people alive at the end wins.


So here is the standing after last evening. We were both surprised by how many people survived the episode! But oh man, I am expecting something crazy when the story takes us back to King’s Landing.

So yes, it’s totally morbid and probably wrong. And if you don’t watch the show, I am sure it sounds extra wrong. And I am not a death/violence/gore TV person at all, but this show is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The game has been fun all week because we’ve been developing creative stories telling how we thought one character might go in each episode. We think we are going to do the same thing next season, but complete our teams before Episode 1. We figured each person could pick  (approx.) ten characters and have the power to add (approx.) five characters throughout the season. We could also draft to see who lives the longest, which would probably be a more appropriate way to play the game.


Anyways. Last night’s episode was awesome. I’m loving the girl power this season. Some really strong women characters have developed, and I’m cheering them on.


See you soon.


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