Two Inspiring Podcasts for Women.

One resource I have been turning to repeatedly in 2016 is the podcast. Podcasts are recorded segments that you can download or stream whenever you want. I think of it as a magazine or newspaper interview with a bit more charm. I love listening to the voices to interpret tone and inflection, but also having creative authorship of my interpretation since there is no visible component. I tend to listen on long commutes or on longer walks when I need a break.

Two podcasts I have returned to this year are by fascinating and unique women. Both have found success in different ways and are honest about mistakes they have made and their rocky path through womanhood, the structure of careers and their relationships.  While their ideas and stories challenge you to think, truly think, their warm personalities shine through your earbuds with hilariousness and unpretentiousness. You can hear their smiles throughout their shows!


Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham

Lena shot to fame through the success of her HBO show Girls. Her podcasts features women in her life that have inspired her, challenged her and have entered and exited her story through different points in her life. She is witty and intelligent, truly challenging her audience to think in new ways. I found her episode on friendship featuring Ashley Ford particularly great. Her honesty about her growth and connection with Ashley was beautiful and unique. You can find her podcast on the iTunes, YouTube or through her SoundCloud page.


Pardon my French by Garance Dore

I started following Garance in college as “street fashion” began to develop its place in the fashion, art and social media worlds. Garance stood out to me because of her lightness and humor. She was able to grace menswear, stilettos and a smile in a fresh and light way. Her new podcasts walks you through her experiences of growing up in Corsica, moving to Paris and eventually New York. Her podcast covers topics that would be of conversation on a typical girls night, but with a twist. Instead of interviewing her closest friends, she interviews people she admires. As you listen, Garance seems so human and normal as she goes through phases of excitedness and shyness in her interviews. You can check her out on iTunes or through her charming website.

Are there any podcasts that you listen to regularly or find uplifting? I would love for you to share!

See you soon.

(photos from Daily Life and Huffington Post


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