A Weekend in the Sunshine.


Summer was showing off this weekend in Kansas City, and I loved it. Between going to garage sales, hitting some balls at the driving range (Golf? Who am I? More on this to come!) and multiple walks around the neighborhood, I had a permanent smile glued to my face the entire weekend.


I absolutely hate spending more than a few hours at a time in the house. I saw a sign at Loose Park advertising the “Rose Festival” on Sunday. After a quick google search, I decided it might be fun to check out. Z thought it sounded like “the lamest thing in the world,” but agreed to go with me when I shared there would be free lemonade and ice cream. He’s a very good sport about these things.

While neither of us are particularly interested or educated in the subject of rose gardening, it ended up being a nice afternoon trip. The flowers in the rose garden were STUNNING. I think this is the time of the year Loose Park is at its absolute best. In addition to the free sugary treats, there was live music and watercolor painting stations for children. There was also an exhibit hall where you could see local gardeners’ award-winning blooms. Everyone buzzing around the park seemed so happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine. Or maybe I was just so happy I assumed everyone else was enjoying their afternoon too 🙂





It was a perfectly relaxing weekend. The kind where nothing particularly important happens, but you feel like you can actually breathe again by Sunday night. Kansas City, you are beautiful!

See you soon.

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